2014-2015 Band Group Photo

2014-2015 Band Group Photo

By: LMCPhotography


Fundraising for the Band

Our first 2 pizza hut fund raisers will be Sunday, August 13th and Sunday, August 27th, 2015. Sundays are new to us, but after talking it over with Riley (pizza hut mgr)we think it will be beneficial to us. We will do 5-9 out front BUT if we have fliers to pass out before hand for people to use, we still get the 20% even if we’re not there! Anyone who would be able to help out please let me know! Thanks for all your support!

Thank you Parents!

Thank you to all the parents/family that came to the meeting Friday. It was wonderful to see so many people and it would be awesome to have that size crowd at all our Booster meetings! We need the support of parents/family/ friends to be successful in our support of the kids and Mr.Clay Cobb. I am excited to see what this year holds for our band program!

The next meeting of the Boosters will be Tuesday, Sept. 15th @ 6:30 pm in the band room.

New Website!

The new Williston Band Booster website includes several new features and comes with a fully responsive design. With the new design you will be able to access http://willistonbandboosters.com/ anywhere even on your mobile devices. This website is supported at any screen size, and resolution. It also works with most of the popular web browsers used today.

In the back end of this website is special software allowing for quicker, and more organized updates. You can also find some of the major forms in the right hand sidebar This website is designed to be a faster and more global way of communication when changes within the band, or boosters take place. If you can’t find information here you may also click the Facebook symbol on the upper right and join our Facebook page.

If you have any photos or videos you take of the band please share them by sending a email to media@willistonbandboosters.com